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Established in August 1995,Yushi Feilong Camellia Oil Co.,Ltd is located at the foot of Gutian Mountains, west of Zhejiang Province,China. Our factory specially produce organic food camellia oil, organic cosmetic camellia oil, tea seed meal/powder or cake,tea Saponin.

Camellia oil ( In China, also be called as "tea seed oil" or "camellia seed oil" ) was extracted from the rarely Camellia oleifera seed of camellia family as 100% pure natural organic products. Since the camellia tree is cultivated by nature, the oil and its by-products ( tea seed meal / powder / cake, tea Saponin) are without any pesticide and fertilizer polluting.           >>>>> More about us, click here >>>>>                   

Tea Seed and Camellia Oil
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