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 General introduction:
Yushi Feilong Camellia Oil factory outlook Established in August 1995,Zhejiang Hangzhou Waltt Products Co.,Ltd located at the foot of Gutian High Mountains, west of Zhejiang Province,China. In 2002, our new plant, about 22466 square meter, was established and we got export licence at the end of 2003.Our factory specially produces camellia oil, tea seed meal/powder or cake,tea Saponin, gum rosin and resin related products.
 Products introduction:
Camellia oil (also called tea seed oil) was extracted from the rarely C.oleifera seed of camellia family as 100% pure natural organic food. Since the camellia tree is cultivated by nature, the oil and its by-products (tea seed meal/powder/cake,tea Saponin) without any pesticide and fertilizer pullution.Gum rosin, rosin modified phenolic resin and other related products are extracted from the turpentine, which is native resin from pine tree.
 Quality Control:
We are taking quality in highly consideration in our product line. We got ISO9001 certificate in 2003,  China Organic Food cerificate in 2004 and passed NOP ( National Organic Program) certificate in 2005. And at the same time, our QC department continues to improve our inhouse inspection for each working procedure.

USDA NOP(National Organic Program) certificate


NOP Certificate

China Organic Food


Our team is including special and seasoned international trading members, they can supply you our best servince in international trading business. Our foreign trade department have expanded our market to most of south east Asia countries and North American.
Nowadays, since entironment protection becomes more and more important, the world market has larger and larger demand for native and organic products. We can expect fine foreground for our products and welcome any kind cooperation from worldwide.

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